Why seasonal content matters

Creating seasonal content is key to keeping your business trending on all platforms. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or even Google, you need to know what people are searching for, even more directly, what your target audience wants to see.   

Some companies have products that naturally lend well to this (for example, candles, clothing, home décor, etc.). Businesses that fall under that model can easily tailor content to fit any season. However, others have one product that never changes and looks the same – this can be harder to adapt and requires more creativity to meet the standards.  

Not only does your content need to be trendy and seasonal, but it also has to represent, and boost your brand by staying within your brand foundation (colors and typeset). You never want to come off as “click bait” so consider fun ways to bring in the trends.   

We always recommend planning your content and strategizing ahead of time. You’ll need a yearly plan and a monthly plan. Your yearly plan is an overview – a general direction for what you need to promote in the coming months. Your monthly plan is where you zoom in on a smaller scale and review current trends. You have to be flexible here. It can be hard to come up with ideas on the fly – and let’s be honest, you’re focused on your clients, inventory, or creating products, not trending algorithms.   

We must add a disclaimer – if you are walking the line between struggling to keep your content trendy or staying helpful to your target audience, always choose the latter. Your brand voice should never be compromised. Content should always serve a purpose and ring true to your brand identity. People are coming to you for a reason – you’ve built trust and authority in your field. If you waiver, your customers will be left feeling confused and deceived. Trending content should never take precedented over purposeful content.   

Above all, we want to be a place of encouragement and guidance for you as you continue on your journey of building a purposeful, intentional business. Here are a few gold nuggets to help you create content easily, and effectively!   


To find the latest trends: 

  1. https://trends.pinterest.com – This is mainly specific to Pinterest, but can be used to compare what people are looking for across all platforms. 
  2. https://skedsocial.com/blog/ – Ready blog post from social media schedulers helps give ideas for dynamic content.   
  3. https://trends.google.com – This allows you to search more than just words. It will show topics and even past years’ trends. It can help you prep in advance.   


To Keep yourself organized:   

  1. https://trello.com – This is a general organizer and planner. It helps keep your day organized as well as keep track of ideas.   
  2. https://www.tailwindapp.com/ This schedules both Pinterest and social posts. Consistency is key with Pinterest, so having pins circulating is always beneficial.  
  3. https://skedsocial.com – This helps tremendously with planning and scheduling Facebook and Instagram posts.   

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