2023 Website Trends

We are loving these 2023 website functionality and design trends!  

Each year brings new visions and functions for what most users want to see on the sites they visit.  Here are just a few of these trends:


Page Speed.

Page speed will continue to be an important trend for sites in 2023.  The faster your website loads, the faster your potential customer sees your product/service.  If you have a low page speed, you could potentially lose traffic, conversions, and rankings in search results.


Video Content.

Just like videos are trending on our social accounts, this is also a trend for our web designs in 2023.  Having a introduction video on your site or additional subpages is a great way to have viewers stay on our pages longer, visually showcases a cohesive brand and caters to a different audience that prefers to hear your company messages verses reading it.  


Why is mobile friendly on the trending list for 2023?  That’s a great question!  This has been a trend for several years; however, the importance of this trend isn’t going anywhere.  It is essential when designing your site to remember that our sites need to be mobile friendly as mobile browsing surpasses desktop browsing.  An example of this would be to think about placement of your call to action buttons – are they ‘thumb-friendly’?  Can your viewer reach the button, menu, etc. with their thumb?


We’ve seen this trend before; however, keeping our sites simple is imperative.  As we’ve seen on social, our customers are short on time and we need to do everything we can to reach them in a short amount of time. We can do this by keeping design simple and reducing clutter that they need to sort through.  Check to see if your navigation is simple.  How’s your font and color choices? What about those graphics, are they taking a long time to load?


Negative space.

This trend is all the hype!  The white space or negative space allows for the content, elements, images, etc. to breathe and stand on it’s own while creating a place for viewer’s eyes to rest.  Similar to the simplicity trend, the negative space will allow less distractions and guide viewers through the website in an effective manor.