The Importance of Updating Your Site

We love tech over here!  But we know that it is ever-changing and that can sometimes make us move that website to-do item to the next day, week, or month.

Furthermore, oftentimes we think, ‘woohoo’ we’ve built our website, check DONE!  And it is done…wait for it…but only for a while.  Websites will always be a work in progress and changing our mindset to that will help with making this a standard business practice.


1. Is everything still working?

Because the world of technology moves quickly, it is important to make sure everything on the current site is working properly and still a reliable option.  

Are your theme/plugins updated to the current version?

Is there a better plugin out there for your current need?

Are your images of the best quality?

Any broken links?

How’s your old content?  

2. Boost Your SEO

Oh, our favorite, not-so-favorite acronym.  SEO is an important aspect to remember when updating your site because it is always changing.  The goal of a search engine is to provide its users with the best and most relevant results.  To be at the top of the search results, you want to be updating your website content.  This shows the search engines that you have authority in your industry.  

3. Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Approximately 63% of website visits are coming from phones and tablets.  This number is significant because it is showing us that it is more important to design a website for phones than it is for desktops.  If your site isn’t mobile responsive, this could lead to potentially losing customers.

4. Improve Your Marketing Funnel

In the past, customers would visit a website one time and immediately purchase products/services.  However, customers are now loving storytelling marketing.  It allows customers to feel more connected to businesses, learn what they stand for, and what value they are committed to providing.  

When updating your website, think about how you are funneling your client through your site.  Help your visitors know your company and what next steps they should take in the buying process.

5. Give Returning Customers Something New

When you update your site, you are giving your audience something new to look at.  If your homepage stays the same, it is very easy for customers to scroll right past a sale, a lead magnet, or a new product.  Keeping sites updated visually will decrease the bounce rate and increase customer interaction.