2023 Social Media Trends

We are 16 days into 2023!  How is your year starting out?  Did you set some goals and benchmarks for this year?  

As we continue into 2023, we wanted to share some social media trends you can expect for this year.  


Customers are no longer just adding to the cart to check out.  They are looking to be able to trust the brand and content that they are seeing on social.  In 2023, expect an increased demand for authenticity and integrity from companies and social media platforms.

Connecting with Your Audience.

Setting aside time to respond to messages and comments was something that the powers that be wanted to see; however, they are now looking for interaction and not just engagement.  This might seem like this is one more thing we all have to do; however, this does present a really great way to connect and create a real human connection with our customers and potential customers.

Social Commerce.

The pandemic changed many things and is still having an impact today – one of those impacts is that expect virtual shopping to keep growing.  Facebook and Instagram will remain a consumer favorites for social commerce.  We can expect social platforms to make this a priority so shopping is easier for users.

Videos, Videos, Videos.

Some of us love making them, some of us aren’t a fan; however, videos are here to stay in 2023.  It will be important for brands to boost user engagement by using viral challenges, auto-play and trending audio to name a few.


For many years, Google has been our SEO powerhouse and where we’ve focused much of our SEO attention; however, this will begin to change starting in 2023 as social media is becoming a go to place for searches.  There is a new strategy called ‘TikTok SEO,’ were a Google exec. reported that 40% of Gen Z will use TikTok and Instagram to find a place to eat instead of Google.  40% of 18 to 24 year olds will use social as their primary search engine.  It is important to start use keyword research to inspire the content you create rather than adding hashtags at the end of the posts as this is more effective at increasing engagement and reach.

TikTok isn’t going away.

TikTok active users as surpassed 1 billion and do not show signs of slowing down.  More companies will implement TikTok into their marketing strategy and advertising budget.

With that being said, it is important to know who your target audience is and what platform(s) they are on.  Statistics show that Facebook users under the age of 25 will drop below 15% whereas TikTok users under the age of 25 will be 44%.


What do you think about these social media trends for 2023?