Small Business Checklist for the new year

As we start the new year, be sure to take a moment to review your 2022 business year and plans for 2023. It is paramount to reflect on the past year, celebrate the accomplishments, and set goals for the future. We’ve put together a few prompts and questions to generate some ideas and inspiration as you continue through this year.

Reviewing 2022

  1. What were your 2022 financial goals?
  2. What were your 2022 growth goals?
  3. Did you achieve those goals?
  4. If so, what factors helped you reach that goal?
  5. If not, what can you change in your strategy to apply it to your 2023 goals?

Looking to 2023


  1. In your business, what area(s) bring you the most revenue?
  2. Can you expand this product/service?
  3. What area(s) in your business did not perform well?
  4. Can you improve on this in 2023?
  5. Should you remove this product/service from your business model?
  6. Are there any places in your business where you can remove costs?
  7. Do you have your business tax deadlines?


  1. What is your company’s brand statement/vision?
  2. Are there profit increases for 2023 that you’d like to see?
  3. Break these down into quarterly goals
  4. Will you have any new products or services to add?
  5. Have you checked in on your competitors? What are they doing? Are they still your competitors?
  6. Have the needs of your target audience changed for 2023? Are you reaching your target audience?


  1. Do you need to update your printed marketing material?
  2. Review your customer feedback/survey/reviews. Can you use these to improve anything within your business?
  3. Check your website’s performance.
  4. Traffic, analytics, conversions, keyword ranking, top acquisition channels, sessions, bounce rate, etc.
  5. What social media platform(s) are you using? Does your content thrive on all of them? None of them? Is there a new platform you should try?